How much fabric do I need?

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How much fabric do I need?

This is one of the most asked questions when undertaking a project.

It is important to discuss with your upholsterer the amount of fabric you need to cover your piece of furniture - check the width and design direction of your fabric choice.  The most common width for Home Decor Fabrics and Outdoor Fabrics is 137cm.  Cotton Designer Fabrics such as the Quilting and Apparel Fabrics are great for making lighter weight curtains, and these are approx 112cm wide.  


The direction of the pattern, vertical and horizontal repeat will also determine how mush fabric you will need.  

Striped Fabrics are either vertical or horizontal in direction.  Both create impact by either assisting to create height in a room with vertical stripes, or horizontal stripes to create the feeling that the room is wider that it is.


Curtain making considerations

Measure the length from the top of the curtain rod to the floor, and add 20cm for the top and bottom hem allowance.  We recommend approx 20cm in total - 5cm for the top and 15cm for the bottom.  The top fold will be concealed by the curtain tape, and the bottom allowance will allow for you to comfortably adjust the hem as needed.  A wider hem always presents more professionally especially with longer styled curtains.  The pattern repeat must be taken into consideration to ensure you are able to match the design on both sides.  The smaller the distance between the repeat the less fabric will need to be added.  

Also, consider how full you would like the curtains to look.  Are they used for privacy - hence need to be drawn; or are they purely decorative to soften the look of hard edges in a room?  This, and the width of the window opening will determine the number of drops of fabric required.  For a flat panel that is less than the width of the roll - 1 drop, light - 1.5 drops, full gather - 2 drops, heavy gather - 2.5 drops.

Upholstery of a Chair Pad

Calculate enough fabric to include folding the fabric beneath the chair pad to affix easily to the underside board.  Allowing 5 - 10cm on each of the four sides (enough to grip the fabric easily when stappling.  Excess can be trimmed once completed - if necessary. 


Upholstery Guides: Check with your upholsterer to be sure you have the correct quantity of fabric for your project.

Fabric is measured out in increments of 45cm and cut in one continuous length

ADD TO CART unit of measure guide: table below


























  *Fabric will be cut continuous; however larger lengths may not always be available in one piece.

To calculate the number of units to order, divide the total length (in centimetres) of fabric required by 45cm (1 unit is equal to 45cm, and so on).  This will provide the total number of units to Add to Cart.

Eg: 1.8 metres (180cm) of fabric: 180 divided by 45 = 4 units (ADD 4 TO CART).  18 metres (1800cm) of fabric: 1800 divided by 45 = 40 units (ADD 40 TO CART).


Can't Convert?  

Simply send us an email with how many metres you need, and we will reply with how many units you will require to add to the shopping cart for you order.