Chalkcloth is a great product to use - just like a real blackboard, only it has great flexibility.  No painting is required, as it is already prepared for use - that means no mess and does not require multiple coats of paint.  

Simply roll our the fabric and start drawing.  It is great to use as a write on table cloth, or easily glued to a board to create your instant pop up notices.  Great for keeping the kids entertained and can be rolled up after use.

The surface of the fabric is the same as a chalk board with the same texture and drawing qualities.  Simply draw with chalk and rub or wash clean.  It is also easy to cut and will not fray.

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Mexican Oilcloth Laminated Fabric Chalkcloth in Green

Chalk cloth is designed as a real blackboard on vinyl for drawing on with real chalk.  Ideal if..

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