Oilcloth Bunting

Oilcloth Bunting

Sometimes it can be easier to order a product ready made and enjoy it arriving for you to use straight away.  Mexican Oilcloth has so many applications, especially with the great range of designs and colours to choose from.  Items such as bunting flags can be ordered in the colours you prefer.  These can be strung together to create bunting that coordinates with your event theme.

Oilcloth is suitable for table cloths, place mats, aprons, bags of all sizes, as a drop cloth under high chairs to catch spills, decorative bunting, book covers, outdoors for picnic tables, as protective liner on cupboard shelves and drawers in the kitchen or pantry.  There are endless creative ways to use oilcloth in the home, at work and for craft items.   Have lots of fun making things from oilcloth - it is a great fabric!!  We offer a number of ready made products where you choose the Mexican Oilcloth for these products.

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