What is Ticking Fabric?

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What is Ticking Fabric?


Ticking is a 100% cotton fabric made with a closely woven thread fabric.

It is typically a striped print fabric made up of 3 lines (a thicker centre line with a finer line on either side); the thinner lines are usually printed like a stitching thread line.  This design is repeated across the fabric.  


There are ticking fabrics that are not printed which are available in white and natural tones.  Ticking stripes are available in a variety of colours, and usually on a natural, ivory or cream toned base cotton cloth.  

Ticking on a crisp white backround is also available and may create a modern look to your setting.


Ticking was once known only as the upholstery fabric used as the liner fabric under the featured top fabric in traditional feather and down filled furniture pieces. 




What can Ticking be used for?


What was once primarily used because it was great at keeping the feather and down from popping through to the outside, has now become one of the most fashionable fabrics to use in creating a designer look and feel to any furniture piece as well as home decor item.  It presents a country styled interior or a vintage accent that is comfortable and cosy.  


Whether used for uholstery or for soft furnishings, it is a fabric that stands alone as a design element to finnish the decor of a room.


Traditional upholstery, especially for furniture being restored to its true 'olden day' appeal will benefit from ticking - either used below the surface to hold in the feathers and down, or used as the exterior featured fabric.  


There are many applications for ticking.  One thing for sure, it holds its shape exceptionally well, and it is easy to sew.


Ticking is suitable for curtains and pelmet covering; cushion covers, throw pillows, bolsters; bedroom coverings such as quilts, duvets, and valances; upholstery of furnishings such as ottomans, lounges, wing chairs, head boards; craftwork, and other home decor items.  



Ticking makes a great fabric to applique and make a designer look set of products, aprons and table top items.



Ticking can achieve a decorative style to set the tone for a European, Vintage or Antique look that will be impressive in your home.  


Combine textures in your home decor fabrics and keep ticking in the mix - a great conversation starter.


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